Fenix NTM Laminate: A Progressive Solution for the Kitchen Design

Kitchen design trends, just like those in fashion, never stand in one place and move towards progressive innovations that are created to make life easier for potential customers. New technologies and materials are developed specifically for this purpose so they can be used in the future during kitchen renovation.

Along with natural materials, artificially created ones with new formulas are gaining popularity in the creation and installation of kitchen designs. Since these formulas contain components of natural products, the new material thus acquires their features and improves them.

Fenix NTM is a prime example of such a material, which may still be a new word for some people but is already a buzzword among lovers and seekers of kitchen interiors.

What is Fenix NTM Laminate?

Fenix NTM Laminate is a material created by the Italian company Arpa Industriale in 2013. It is made by applying high pressure to laminate paper while utilizing special acrylic resins and electron beam curing technologies. This process creates a smooth, high-density material with a super matte effect and the ability to repair micro-scratches.

Contemporary design kitchen with dark gray Fenix countertop on the base cabinets

Fenix materials are used while manufacturing kitchen countertops, but other things can be used with it. It can also be used for cabinets, sinks, and basins, and it can also be a beautiful and elegant surface in rooms like bathrooms or offices. However, its functionality is best demonstrated in the kitchen space, where it not only becomes a decorating part of the design but also a helper to keep your room neat and clean.

Fenix NTM has not only been recognized among lovers of beautiful kitchen designs but has also won awards. The latest are the Iconic Award “Best of the Best Product” and the Interzum Award “Best of the Best”, both received in 2021. This material is also used in the projects of large design companies, giving rooms a modern and sophisticated look of the highest quality. Thus, Fenix NTM continues to be recognized by both large companies and individual customers, and its demand will continue for a long time to come.

Main features of Fenix NTM Laminate

Like any other material used in popular kitchen designs, Fenix laminate has several characteristics that determine its functionality and ability to benefit its owners:

  • durability
  • resistance to scratches
  • resistance to heat
  • resistance to stains 
  • maintenance
  • appearance

All of these components play an important role in the choice of material for kitchens, and Fenix NTM excels here too. So let's look at each of these characteristics individually.


Fenix materials are known for their high durability. In terms of this feature, it can seriously compete with natural stones, which in turn are not easily damaged. In our article about materials for kitchen countertops, we wrote about the durability of such stones as quartz, quartzite, and marble, 

On the matte surface of Fenix NTM do not remain fingerprints, and a special procedure easily removes scratches, all thanks to its unusual structure. This also affects the longevity of the material, as its easy maintenance and self-repairing ability prolong its life.

As for the lifespan of Fenix materials, it depends on how they are used, especially on the decorative surface. Nevertheless, this material can deservedly be considered a long-lasting material. According to some reports, with good care, its longevity can last for more than 50 years. That's a pretty decent amount of time!

Resistance to stains

Since the material has a non-porous surface, it provides additional support and protection against spilled drinks. Fenix laminate prevents liquids from penetrating the internal structure, thus protecting it from unnecessary damage. 

Resilience in the truest sense! 

Another good thing about the Fenix NTM surface is that after spills there are almost no stains, and even if there are small traces, they can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

However, this does not mean that you should treat Fenix NTM carelessly and abuse its peculiarity. Even the best material can start to slowly deteriorate and thus its functionality will be worse and its durability shorter.

Resistance to heat

Fenix NTM is called “thermal laminate” for a reason, and that doesn't just mean it has high resistance to heat. It also means that high temperatures can be very beneficial to the material. The heat helps the surface to self-repair, eliminating minor damage and scratches. According to the manufacturers' website, this is accomplished through a dense grid of peaks that have their own memory and are activated by heat. The heat thus returns the surface to its original appearance, ready for use again.

Fenix NTM is also resistant to dry heat, which can exceed 150 °C, and it will not be damaged. So you can safely put hot dishes on the surface without fear of it affecting its structure.

Minimalistic design kitchen with Fenix NTM countertop, base cabinets and tall cabinets‍

Appearance (Color palette)

What makes Fenix laminate such an attractive material is above all its mattness. 

Among our customers, it is rightly considered an advantage. In contemporary kitchen design, the matte finish enhances the effect of modernity, giving the elements a more distinctive and elegant look. Fenix's matte surface also looks great in minimalist design, making a seemingly simple kitchen more refined and intriguing.

Fenix materials have a wide range of colors to choose from.

If you study the manufacturer's website, you can see that different shades of gray and blue predominate among the whole range. The color undoubtedly makes the kitchen stylish, but what about the variety? In the set of colors, there is a classic white, exquisite red, and elegant beige, and variations of these colors for every taste.

The Fenix NTM palette may seem limited to you, as brighter colors like green are not in it. However, you can't say that Fenix's color selection is small. Everything is designed to make your kitchen look classy and stylish, which is why the palette has been selected in such a way. 

Special features

As we mentioned above, when we talked about its durability, the main feature of the Fenix laminate is that it does not leave fingerprints on it. No matter what shades your kitchen design will be, light or dark, the look of the surface will remain perfectly pristine.

Let's remember about the matte non-porous surface, as they bring Fenix NTM not only great functionality but also a sophisticated look. It is amazingly hygienic. Since it doesn't absorb liquids, it's also impervious to germs and bacteria. A great catch for those who don't like to spend time cleaning!

Due to its surface, it may seem that the Fenix NTM surface is hard and rigid. And here this material reveals itself from an unexpected side. The surface of Fenix NTM is soft and pleasant to the touch, which enhances its aesthetic appeal.

This is how Fenix materials demonstrate its high performance in the characteristics inherent in materials for kitchen designs and confirm its high quality.

Maintenance of Fenix NTM Laminate

Even though Fenix materials are characterized by excellent performance, this material requires decent and appropriate care. Special attention should be paid to this so that its performance and appearance are not impaired.

Stains on the surface of Fenix NTM can be wiped off with a cloth dampened with detergent or soapy water, but sometimes care should be taken. Strongly acidic or alkaline detergents should be avoided as they may leave a dye residue. It is also better not to use bleach and strongly chlorinated products in cleaning, as they can have a damaging effect on the surface.

As for brushes and scrapers for cleaning, it is good advice not to use tools that contain metal in their composition. This means that iron brushes and metal scrapers are not suitable for cleaning Fenix. It is best to use a melamine sponge, whose texture is ideal for the surface of the material. 

The most important thing in the care of Fenix laminate is to wipe the surface with a damp cloth after the necessary procedures and then wipe it dry again.

Minimalistic kitchen design with light grey Fenix NTM countertop on the kitchen island


Our company has boards in different thicknesses of Fenix materials: 19 mm (sheet format - 2800x1300 mm) and 40 mm (sheet format - 4200x1230 mm with a base of moisture-resistant Saviola particleboard). Fenix panels are available in 19 decors, each of which is combined with 1 mm Rehau ABS edging, including laser edging. 

The manufacturing services for Fenix NTM panels are similar to those available for particleboard. This includes cutting, gluing (straight and curved), edging, milling, and drilling. Our customers can choose the method of edgebanding. Either it is gluing with polyurethane, which will give the boards resistance to high humidity; or laser edgebanding. It, in turn, allows you to get parts with smooth and seamless edges, while the decorative side and the edge of the board look like a whole.

Price of Fenix NTM Laminate

As Fenix is a high-quality material, it is fair to think about how much it will cost. A kitchen design project is quite costly in itself, so it's not surprising that clients are often looking for materials that will be economical.

It's worth saying right off the bat that buying Fenix materials will have a significant impact on your budget and increase the cost of your kitchen design. The bright side here will be that this material is well worth the cost. Excellent characteristics, sleek modern look, and excellent functionality are purchased at a time and then be used for many years, even decades.

Contemporary design kitchen with gray Fenix NTM countertop and cabinets with dark beige Fenix fronts

Why is Fenix NTM better than a stone?

Choosing the material for your kitchen should be handled carefully, as you want everything in your kitchen to last as long as possible. In one of our previous articles, we described how to choose a kitchen countertop, and Fenix laminate was one of the suitable options. And you already have an idea of how much competition it has. 

Since a large number of materials have the same advantages to a greater or lesser extent, the question of choice is still relevant: what to choose? Here we will look at the main advantages of Fenix NTM, and why this material will suit the kitchen design better than the kitchen.

If we compare the main qualities of durability and resistance to all kinds of external pests (liquid stains and heat), Fenix materials will be stronger than the most durable stones, such as quartz and marble. Even in terms of longevity and strength, it will be superior to natural stones, far ahead of its performance. From this comes the following.

The approach to maintenance is also worth noting. Despite the durability and resistance of stone materials, a careful approach is needed to avoid disturbing or spoiling their structure, while Fenix makes life easier for those who are too lazy to clean.

Thus, Fenix NTM is an ideal addition to the kitchen design, which provides both faithful service and a unique appearance for many years.


The creation of innovative technologies continues to gain momentum, and the emergence of a material like Fenix NTM is proof of that. New kitchen designs require new solutions and new possibilities, therefore every component should contribute to making not only the kitchen renovation but also the use of it easier for customers.

Fenix laminate was designed with such a goal in mind, and as such is attracting more and more attention and interest. It has a set of characteristics that in the corresponding parameters are not inferior to the indicators of natural materials, and somewhere even exceed, thus creating a worthy competition.

Overall, Fenix materials are a great choice for your kitchen if you value high quality, stylish look, and ease of use and maintenance. It is a material that can withstand daily use in the kitchen in almost any capacity.

Victoria Hoffman
May 22, 2024
6 min read
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