Planning a kitchen doesn’t have to be hard. We've made an easy-to-use overview of the process, guiding you to your new kitchen.

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Two examples of detailed kitchen estimates.

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Next steps for the kitchen renovation project.

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The initial step to secure your project and begin the process is placing a fully refundable $500 deposit.
Here's what you'll receive:
  • Up to 5 cabinet samples
  • A personalized cabinet layout
  • A set of realistic 3D renders
  • Contractor pairing assistance
Three material samples for cabinets: white-painted front, light oak veneer front, and dark-stained oak wood veneer front.

Finalize Your Design

Unlock this stage with a $1,999 deposit, which will be credited towards your kitchen's final cost.

Now that you’re comfortable with the plan and design, let's delve into the finer details. In this phase, you'll refine the layout and specific features of the cabinets (including functionality, end panels, accessories, etc.) until you achieve complete satisfaction with your design. A detailed quote will be tailored to match your design. Typically, most customers undergo 1-2 rounds of design and quote revisions during this phase.

Here's what you'll receive:
  • Up to 3 design/quote modifications
  • Detailed kitchen plans with clear itemized pricing
  • Option to include additional rooms in the design
  • Final dimensions confirmation
The draft of the new kitchen design and an actual 3D photorealistic render of the new kitchen.

Submit Your Order

After you approve and place your order, we'll start crafting your kitchen straight away. Then, we'll send you an estimated delivery date from the manufacturer. Regarding the final payment, we'll deduct any deposits you've already made. Rest assured, we ensure all parts of your kitchen are delivered together, ready for installation right when they arrive at your home.

Guarantee of Quality at the Factory
We pre-assemble the entire project in the factory to ensure that everything fits together perfectly, showcasing our dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship.
Two men are dividing a panel at the manufacturing facility.
Guaranteed Delivery Dates
Recognizing the crucial role of timely delivery, we pledge to get your cabinetry to you on the agreed-upon date, aiding in an on-schedule installation.
A delivery man is checking a list.
A Pre-Installation Consultation
We'll guide you and your contractor through a detailed walkthrough, laying the groundwork for an effortless installation process.
A contractor is leaning on the door, holding a mobile phone in his hands, and looking straight ahead.
Our promise includes creating easy-to-follow installation guides specifically for your contractor and being there to help every step of the way, ensuring your installation goes off without a hitch.
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