Redefining kitchen renovation:
Our origin and Mission

A bright kitchen with a kitchen island, dark wood base cabinets and fluted glass wall cabinets.

At Corner, we've always held the belief that the heart of every home should be accessible, affordable, and above all, personal.

Born out of our founders' frustration with the traditional kitchen renovation industry, we created a revolutionary platform that brings together innovative design, sustainability, and a commitment to digital transformation.

Our mission began with the simple yet powerful idea: to make bespoke kitchens accessible to everyone. We recognized that the journey to the perfect kitchen could be winding and often daunting. Guided by generic designs offered by conventional kitchen companies, we were frequently left wanting more. Thus, our resolve was born - to gift the power of creativity back to our customers. Corner was founded with the aim of delivering tailored kitchen designs without the extravagant price tag. From the diversity of color, the adaptability in size, to the variety of material, we offer unparalleled flexibility that effortlessly challenges the cost of mass-produced standard kitchens.

In the words of our Co-founder and CEO, Kostiantyn Miska, “The inception of Corner was inspired by our own quest for something we couldn't find in the market. Our own journey through kitchen renovation left us disappointed and cost us more than anticipated. Our desire was to equip homeowners with the tools to construct the dream kitchen they always desired."

Transparent Pricing: Our "Kitchen in a Box" Concept

We know that the process of designing and building a bespoke kitchen can be overwhelming. Thus, we have made it our main goal to focus on transparency and simplicity in pricing. We've curated an array of premium, pre-packaged designs – your 'designer kitchen in a box'. This concept redefines luxury, offering an all-inclusive, upscale kitchen design that's shipped to your doorstep and installed at a price you were initially promised. This approach eliminates the need for exorbitantly priced design services and tedious research on materials, making your kitchen renovation journey a breeze.

A part of the kitchen with stainless steel cabinet fronts.

We hope to inspire you, as we continue to be inspired by you

Sustainability Meets Innovation: Our Journey Towards a Greener Future

However, at Corner, we go beyond just aesthetics and affordability. We're deeply passionate about sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. By eliminating the need for physical showrooms, retail spaces, and home visits, we’ve taken the entire process online, revolutionizing the way kitchens are bought and sold. This shift not only caters to our digitally-savvy customers but also significantly reduces our use of resources. By doing away with printed catalogs and focusing on digital channels, we save both time and resources, while still maintaining the quality of our products and services. We've digitized home visits, reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary trips. Instead, we empower our customers with an easy measurement template, allowing you to take measurements from the comfort of your home.

An L-shaped light oak kitchen with a window behind the sink, stainless steel countertop, and tall cabinets featuring a shelf and a built-in oven.

The Corner Culture: Small Steps towards Big Impact

At Corner, we champion a culture of 'doing something' rather than 'doing everything'. It's a constant reminder that small, daily improvements accumulate to significant environmental impact over time. By seamlessly merging innovative thinking with sustainability, we aim to help you create your dream kitchen in the most hassle-free way possible. We hope to inspire you, as we continue to be inspired by you, to create beautiful, sustainable, and accessible kitchen spaces for all. Welcome to Corner – welcome to the future of kitchen design.

White base cabinets with a sink and light oak wall cabinets above them.
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