Kitchen Organizers

Significant assistance lies in minute details: When the configuration of furniture is dictated by everyday tasks, and ergonomic factors are woven into the design, you achieve a kitchen space that boasts exceptional functionality.

for drawers & pull-outs

Interior organisation elements

Flex Drawers

Versatile Flex Drawers constructed from authentic wood and molded non-woven material emanate sophistication while maintaining impeccable cabinet organization. Tailored precisely to the dimensions of corner cabinets, their adaptability and flexibility are unmatched. Designed to be stackable and movable, they can neatly hold even the tiniest items. This leads to a meticulously planned arrangement for everything that needs to be within reach. It's functionality in its most elegant manifestation.

drawer organization systems

Individuals aiming for perfection consider all aspects, from the noticeable exterior to the interior experience. The smart, adaptable organization system, crafted in an elegant, warm natural oak, maintains a structured order of all kitchen tools. This ranges from cooking implements to dining utensils and everything that lies in between.

storage systems

Our Storage Solutions streamline kitchen tasks, making them both easier and quicker. Everything is immediately within reach. Corner Storage Solutions cater to your daily cooking needs by ensuring everything is available right where it's needed.


Innovative handless solutions


A simple touch of the hand or knee is enough to open the pull-out or drawer: the mechanical TIP-ON door opening system offers exceptional convenience. Even with tall and wide fronts, a large activation area guarantees that the TIP-ON mechanism always operates reliably. Additionally, the cushioning system allows doors to close with perfection. Another advantage is the flawless alignment without any handles or ledges; with TIP-ON, you can create minimalist designs with undisturbed fronts – only the slim joinery between the fronts is visible.

More than just light or dark



Whether it's ambient lighting or task lighting, brilliantly bright or dimmable for a desired ambiance: In living areas and kitchens, light serves different purposes for everyone. It's beneficial when diverse solutions cater to all preferences: from hanging lights to cabinet interior illumination, and LEDs over the work surface.

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