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Green kitchen cabinets from the Rebel Kitchen collection, featuring shelves and decor, with a kitchen island in the foreground.

Are you looking for a rough guide to see if your kitchen dreams are in reach?

We've compiled a handy guide based on average kitchen project sizes. For a precise quote, get a free instant estimate on our platform. To further discuss your project and get started on your kitchen transformation, book a Kitchen Planning Call with us. You can even return to your estimate at a later time to adjust as needed.

Small Kitchen

from $15,999

from $9,099

from $8,999

from $9,599

from $14,599

Draft for a single galley kitchen layout.

Medium Kitchen

from $20,399

from $11,399

from $10,999

from $12,299

from $18,299

Single galley kitchen with an island.

Large Kitchen

from $24,899

from $13,599

from $12,999

from $15,599

from $23,599

L-shaped kitchen with an island.
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