Light oak kitchen cabinets with a white countertop and two cutting boards on it.

Engineered with
nature in mind

Transparency starts at the source

We know exactly where all our materials come from. We partner with wood suppliers that are FSC certified to minimize the impact on the environment. FSC means that forestry has taken place in a responsible manner – both from an environmental and a human point of view.

A dark wooden kitchen island with a Dekton Arge worktop

Smallest carbon footprint possible

The mdf we use has the highest possible environmental mdf classification if one also takes the service life of the material into account. In the end, this means that the mdf we use will make the smallest carbon footprint possible.

A little girl is peeking out from the a box with a smile and a man is standing behind out of focus

Eco-friendly packaging

We only use environmentally certified corrugated and craft cardboard in our packaging which is 100% recyclable after use. Our packaging materials are easy for customers to return for recycling.

A hand with fingers painted in green is holding a little branch with leaves.

Digital instructions

We have minimized the use of instructions on paper in our shipments. Instead, we encourage our customers to read them online.

A woman is checking her phone and smiling widely.

No printed catalogs

We are a digital kitchen company that offers everything from inspiration to the buying process, completely digital. That is why we have banned printed catalogs. We do not have to waste the environment to show how good quality we offer or what colors it is possible to get our kitchens in. All inspiration, optional lists and order documents are simply managed digitally in our channels. Both more time-saving and better for the environment.

Measurements are made by hand with a measuring tape.

Remote measurements

A step towards a more sustainable business is that we do not make home visits, which saves a large number of trips per year. Instead, you as a customer measure your kitchen yourself via our simple measurement template.