Why Are Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive & How to Save Money on Them

As the cornerstone of your kitchen, cabinets should come as no surprise that they are among the most expensive products. Why such a large portion of your budget has to go for cabinets might seem inexplicable, especially if you would like to use the money for other purchases. So why do kitchen cabinets cost so much? Consider the following points.

Quality in construction and materials

Craftsmanship in cabinetry has a long history. Custom, customized cabinets are highly prized and are the result of a trade that has been passed down from generation to generation. For this reason, a set of kitchen cabinets may cost as much as $20,000. Even cabinets that are produced in factories need some manual effort, which raises the cost of the product.

The good news is that you don't need to spend a fortune on high-quality cabinets because factory-made cabinets have superior structure and longevity. With today's technology, cabinets that match pricey cabinets may even be produced at a fraction of the price.

The cost is also greatly influenced by the material that the cabinet is composed of. Veneered particleboard is the least expensive material for cabinets, while hardwood is the most costly. Most choose somewhere in between to obtain the most value for their money. Particleboard, fiberboard, or plywood are typically used in cabinet construction for the inside. Since they are the most exposed and prominent parts of the cabinet, the front and door may be made of a different material, most frequently hardwood.

Cabinets Are A Big-Ticket Item

The cornerstone of every kitchen design is its cabinetry. From the stove to the dishwasher, they have an impact on every appliance in the kitchen. Cabinets are typically the largest single price in the kitchen, taking around 20–40% of your budget. It makes sense why kitchen cabinets are so pricey given everything that is at stake. Nothing else will be perfect if the cabinets aren't.

Consider it an investment. Investing time, money, and effort will pay off in the long run by ensuring the ideal layout, superior longevity, and a style you will appreciate for many years to come. 

Refrain from installing inexpensive kitchen cabinetry. Cheap cabinets cut corners on design and materials, which will make you regret the purchase sooner rather than later. Particle board, used to make the least expensive cabinets, is prone to warping when exposed to liquids, staining, and eventually disintegrating due to wear and tear.

Although you can't avoid spending a large portion of your money on cabinets, there are several methods to acquire high-quality cabinets that fit your style without going over budget.

How Do I Save Money on New Kitchen Cabinets?

Is it necessary to spend at least $10,000 on high-quality kitchen cabinets? No. Without having to pay for a bespoke project or hardwood construction, there are several methods to purchase cabinets that will last you for many years. Here are some suggestions.

Self-made using Ready-to-Assemble

Installing cabinets yourself may save you a ton of money. Look at ready-to-assemble cabinets because labor adds significantly to the overall cost of cabinets. These premium cabinets are made of high-quality materials and construction; all you need to do is assemble them, following easy assembly instructions instead of a bewildering array of complicated ones.

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Look through the deals and get cabinets that are a step over what your budget will allow. If you wait patiently and look for the greatest deals, you may save up to 20% or more on cabinets. Watch our website for any upcoming sales. Find out more about cabinet sales shopping.

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