What is Fenix HPL Board?

Fenix HPL boards are laminated with MDF, both coated with plastic and sporting a super-matte surface. Matte finishes are a trend in interior design, offering pleasant textures that create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. However, furniture with such coatings is often prone to scratches and fingerprints, requiring careful maintenance. Addressing this issue is the Fenix HPL plastic, developed by the Italian company Arpa Industriale.

In the production of panels for MDF cladding, two types of plastic are used:

- Main facing plastic Fenix (thickness 0.9-1 mm).

- On the reverse side, Arpa plastic (thickness 1 mm), matched in color to the main one.

These panels not only feature an attractive and pleasant-to-touch surface but also offer practicality. The material's advantages include:

- Super-matte surface.

- Pleasant tactile sensations.

- A variety of deep, rich decors.

- Sunlight resistance.

- Resistance to mechanical damage and fingerprints.

- Moisture resistance.

- Resistance to acidic solvents and household chemicals.

- Hygienic and ecological.

- Easy maintenance.

- The ability to thermally restore micro-scratches (simply "ironing" the scratch).

Thanks to their excellent operational characteristics, Fenix HPL boards have a wide range of applications: they are used in bathrooms, kitchens (for fronts and countertops), and for interior decoration.

Material care is simple and does not require special tools. To clean the surface from dirt, a cloth with hot water or a gentle detergent is sufficient. Minor scratches can be removed in two ways (if the material structure is not damaged, this can be done an unlimited number of times):

- Thermal treatment (ironing the scratch through a paper towel, previously moistened with warm water).

- Melamine sponge.

In our range, there are boards in different thicknesses: 19 mm (sheet format - 2800x1300 mm) and 40 mm (sheet format - 4200x1230 mm with a base of moisture-resistant Saviola particleboard). Fenix panels are available in 19 decors, each of which is matched with a 1 mm Rehau ABS edge, including laser edge. 

Production services for processing Fenix HPL boards are similar to those available for particleboard. This includes cutting, gluing (straight and curvilinear), edge banding, milling, and drilling. You can choose the edge banding method yourself:

- PUR gluing provides boards with resistance to increased humidity.

- Laser edge banding allows you to obtain details with smooth and seamless edges, with the decorative side and the edge of the board appearing as one.

Incorporating Fenix HPL boards into your design projects not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance. At Corner, we understand the importance of quality materials in creating functional and stylish spaces. Explore our range of customizable solutions featuring Fenix HPL boards to elevate your kitchen project. 

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