Sustainability in Kitchen Renovation: Our Commitments

At Corner, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's the cornerstone of our kitchen renovation process. We believe that responsible choices should be at the heart of every remodel. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices benefits both the environment and your home. Here are our key sustainability commitments:

Eco-Friendly Packaging

We only use environmentally certified corrugated and craft cardboard in our packaging which is 100% recyclable after use. Our packaging materials are easy for customers to return for recycling.

Certified Wood: Protecting Forests, Promoting Responsibility

We use wood sourced from legal and sustainably managed forest operations. Our commitment to certified wood helps protect forests and promotes responsible forestry practices. We are also always on the lookout for sustainable materials. For example, the Italian brand of engineered wood, Saviola, which is 100% made from recycled materials, is becoming increasingly popular.

Transparency starts at the source

We know exactly where all our materials come from. We partner with wood suppliers that are FSC certified to minimize the impact on the environment. FSC means that forestry has taken place in a responsible manner – both from an environmental and a human point of view.

A+ Rated Paints: Clean Air, Beautiful Homes

Our wall paints have been awarded an A+ rating for their low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) content, ensuring minimal emissions into indoor air. Similarly, the exterior coating on our kitchen cabinets also boasts an A+ rating.

Efficient Production Model: Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Quality

We produce our kitchen cabinet facades on-demand to minimize raw material wastage, embracing a zero-stock policy to prevent overproduction and align with our sustainable vision. Additionally, our products are designed for upcycling, ensuring they can go through multiple lifecycles.

Smallest Carbon Footprint Possible

The MDF we use has the highest possible environmental MDF classification if one also takes the service life of the material into account. In the end, this means that the MDF we use will make the smallest carbon footprint possible.

No Printed Catalogs: Embracing Digital Efficiency

We are a digital kitchen company that offers everything from inspiration to the buying process, completely digital. That is why we have banned printed catalogs. We do not have to waste the environment to show how good quality we offer or what colors it is possible to get our kitchens in. All inspiration, optional lists and order documents are simply managed digitally in our channels. Both more time-saving and better for the environment. Also, we have minimized the use of paper instructions in our shipments, opting instead for online installation guides.

Remote Measurements: Reducing Travel, Saving the Environment

A step towards a more sustainable business is that we do not make home visits, which saves a large number of trips per year. Instead, you as a customer measure your kitchen yourself via our simple measurement template.

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with durability, ensuring that your kitchen will remain a source of pride and functionality in your home for generations to come. Book a consultation with us today!

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