Kitchen Drawer Organization Ideas

Base cabinets are the thing that forms the foundation of a kitchen. In addition to serving as storage for pots, pans, and dishware, these cabinets play a major role in the overall kitchen functionality. The countertop is placed on them, thus forming a working space. They also provide convenient placement of kitchen appliances and create conditions for cooking processes.

Modern kitchen designs allow you to organize your interior kitchen cabinet space in many ways. The most popular option is to free the design from unnecessary clutter and hide all items in the cabinets. We will now tell you about some of the best kitchen storage techniques.

Modern kitchen design with opened cabinet drawers

Pull-out drawers

In the past, base cabinets were designed so that, when you opened the doors, you could see the shelves. This design could be more convenient. You have to open the cabinet, bend down, and reach deep into the cabinet to get a pot or a frying pan.

The latest kitchen design trend is all about pull-out drawers. They've replaced doors with shelves in cabinets, and it's a game-changer. You can open a drawer and instantly see everything inside, even the stuff at the back. 

Opened cabinet drawers with dishes in the upper one and pots in the lower one

In modern kitchens, three drawers in one cabinet are standard. There is a small one, a larger one, and one that makes up half the cabinet, for pots, pans, or even small electrical appliances. For an even more elegant look, make two drawers of the same size and place a hidden drawer in the upper one. This hidden drawer is smaller in height and is used for kitchen trays.

These cabinets are equipped with mechanisms that allow the drawers to slide out without hesitation and completely, exposing the entire contents. The drawers are spacious to maximize capacity and are complemented by special containers for storage in kitchen cabinets.

Handleless cabinets are the perfect choice for kitchen storage design if you want a minimalist and strict elegance for your kitchen.

Сorner cabinets

If you've decided to install corner cabinets in your home, you must ensure you don’t leave any space in your kitchen without a purpose. Corner cabinets are an excellent addition to the organization. They connect regular cabinets and provide another storage for kitchen cabinets.

We call them magic corners for a reason. They do work wonders. They show you how much of everything can fit in one cabinet, and how much space can be taken up and used in the kitchen. On top of that, their metal structure is made aesthetically and attractively.

A corner cabnet with cans organizers, a toster and a pot

Integrated kitchen bins

A bin is an obstacle in the kitchen, plain and simple. It can clash with the chosen style, take up space, and limit your freedom of movement. Integrated garbage bins are one of those perfect kitchen storage ideas. They contribute to a clean and minimalistic design, eliminating clutter and freeing up space. To use the garbage bin, simply open the cabinet and the pulled-out garbage can will appear in front of you. The easy opening mechanism helps to remove the waste quickly, keeping your kitchen clean and tidy.

Integrate multiple baskets into cabinets to distribute trash in different recycling garbage bins.

An integrated garbage bin

Drawer organizers 

We talk a lot about drawers, and how they can be used for storage in the kitchen, but it's worth saying that the best way to keep drawers organized is with the help of special containers. Once you know what you're going to put in a drawer, selecting the container is easy.

Three opened drawers under the cooktop

Pans and pots organizer

Instead of searching for a single pan among a lot of dishware, you can make a drawer in the cabinet designed to store pans.

A filled pans and pots organizer

Cutting board organizer

A separate drawer just for cutting boards may seem excessive, but some culinary enthusiasts are meticulous about their cooking. They need more tools to do it and with that more space for their storage. There's no reason to put cutting boards alongside other utensils and disrupt the order when you can stack them in one place.

A cutting board organizer with some othe supplies

Cutlery organizer

It is a straightforward fact that every kitchen needs these. Whether built-in or purchased later, this type of drawer makes cutlery storage simple and effective, keeping everything organized in one place. It's the key to maintaining order in the kitchen storage system at all times.

You should get containers that hold kitchen utensils in an upright position. This is the best way to make your kitchen more organized. When you open your drawers, you can easily see everything inside. You can also easily find the right fork or knife when you need them.

A cutlery organizer in the drawer under the cooktop

Plates organizer

Upper cabinets are no longer the optimal storage solution for plates. Modern design prioritizes convenience, so it's simply smarter to store dishes within easy reach without the risk of breaking them.

For plates, put a container in a lower cabinet and a deep drawer tall enough so that the plates don't bump into the drawer above. This is the best way to store your plates. The advantage of such containers, as in the case of pans, is that the plates are far enough away from each other that they won't bump into each other when you reach for them.

A fully filled plates organizer

Spice organizer

It is simply impossible for any cook, professional or amateur, to imagine the culinary process without the use of spices.  They are usually stored in jars, which is aesthetically appealing, but they can break if arranged chaotically. A special spice drawer is the perfect idea for storage in the kitchen. It ensures convenient storage and maintains aesthetics. 

A filled spice organizer

Hidden drawers

If you're looking for more effective ideas for storage in the kitchen, hidden drawers in cabinets are a must-have. You can access two drawers with just one cabinet door, containing different containers and items. While opened, everything inside is in plain sight, just like a regular drawer.

Hidden drawers are designed for many kitchen storage purposes: small items and utensils, and larger and heavier ones. They are made of strong materials, most often metals, to provide the necessary load-bearing capacity and strengthen the drawer. 

Hidden drawers work well in any size kitchen because they provide easily accessible storage without the need to allocate space for multiple individual drawers.

A hidden drawer with a pan under an open drawerwith glasses

Sink drawers

This cabinet is more than just a sink support or a place for plumbing systems and supplies. It's another kitchen storage idea you need to consider.

You can use a sink cabinet to store your washing and cleaning supplies. When you need to tidy up certain kitchen areas, these items will be conveniently close to the water. This way, cleaning tasks won’t overlap with cooking activities.

If you don't have many cleaning supplies for one drawer or cabinet, you can always use this storage for kitchen appliances or utensils.

A sink drawer full of cleaning supplies

Cargo for oils and spices

If you need a place to keep breakable items in your kitchen without the risk of breaking them, then installing a cargo is the kitchen storage solution you've been waiting for. It's not only a lifelineб if you still need some extra storage, but also a great way to make the best of your space.

These cargos are small and can be installed between cabinets. They are easy to open and the contents are presented in a clear, accessible manner, ready for immediate use.

A pull-out cargo with cans and bottles

Base cabinet drawers are the most convenient and therefore, the most popular kitchen storage solution. They can be of different sizes, shapes, and materials, but you must pay attention to the material of the drawer and its capacity. It helps to understand how the drawer will be used and for what purpose. 

Corner customizes basic cabinets with drawers to meet the specific needs and wants of the customer. Our experts will help you shape the functionality of your kitchen and select the right drawers for your cabinets. We are ready to assist, so don't hesitate to contact us!

July 4, 2024
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