Handleless Fronts: A Contemporary Solution in Modern Interiors

In design and furniture making, there's a clear trend towards keeping things simple and functional. Notably, minimalism has emerged as one of the most popular interior styles. Characterized by geometric forms, ample space, and restrained accessory choices, it epitomizes a clean and uncluttered aesthetic.

In minimalist home designs, front-facing hardware is either subtle or completely hidden. Handleless fronts have become a popular choice due to several reasons:

- The design appears cohesive and harmonious.

- The interior remains unburdened by unnecessary details.

- Furniture lacks protrusions that can obstruct movement, making it especially relevant for small spaces and narrow passages.

- Cleaning becomes easier without handles protruding from surfaces.

Let's consider three of the most common solutions for such fronts:

Push-to-Open Mechanisms

Push-to-open (P2O) is perhaps the most radical solution. Cabinets open with a gentle push, allowing you to design furniture practically devoid of gaps between sections. These mechanisms are particularly practical for kitchens, where multiple tasks are often performed simultaneously and hands are occupied with dishes and other items. They are suitable for:

- Pull-out drawers

- Swing doors

These mechanisms push the front when pressed. To ensure their smooth operation, it's important to choose appropriate hinges—either springless or with integrated reverse-action springs. Magnetic mechanisms for kitchen furniture help prevent accidental door openings.

Yet, when fitting cabinets with push-to-open mechanisms in the kitchen, bear in mind that you'll be touching the surface more often, which can result in quicker dirt buildup. Therefore, opt for easy-to-clean materials for the furniture. Even better, choose materials that resist fingerprints. If you've selected furniture with a glossy surface, handles in the kitchen will be more practical. There is a wide range of models available on the market with minimalist designs.

Gola Profile System

Profiles from Scilm and Ferro Fiori create handleless furniture while ensuring convenient opening. They are predominantly used in kitchen sets. Handleless kitchens are not only visually appealing but also practical:

- The profiles are made of aluminum, resistant to moisture and corrosion.

- When opening, you touch the inner part of the doors or drawers, keeping the surface cleaner for longer.

- Due to their universal design, the hardware suits any design project.

- The range includes the most demanded decors (black, white, nickel), with the option of painting according to the RAL catalog.

The manufacturer offers various types of profiles:

- Horizontal (Type L and Type C)

- Vertical (Type L, Type C, for ovens)

- For upper modules

- Frames for dishwashers

They can also have built-in LED lighting. With a universal mounting kit, the hardware is easily installed on the finished product between sections, fronts, and countertops.

Elegant Profile Handles

You get cabinets with handles, but they seamlessly blend with the product's design, maintaining its integrity. When opening, you don't touch the front, keeping it clean. Profile handles are made of lightweight and durable aluminum. They are installed along the entire length of the edge in two ways:

- Routed installation (in a pre-made groove)

- Surface-mounted installation (screwed)

Profiles come in various shapes, with grips from the top or bottom. Installation is possible both horizontally (for lower sections) and vertically (for upper ones). Our range includes models ranging from 3 to 5 meters in length (then cut to the required size) in the most versatile decors: black, white, silver, and nickel. They look especially striking when combined with dark decors and glossy surfaces.

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