Drawers that Sit on the Counter? Sure, please!

Tips for Countertop Cabinets

This is the kitchen trend that will give your place a unique look out of all the others. Putting cabinets directly on the countertop is practical, effective, and stylish. It does, however, call for some thoughtful planning and elegant design. The following tips can help your kitchen's countertop cabinets function properly.

Frameless or Frame

There are two types of top cabinets that sit on the counter: framed and frameless. The frameless variety sits directly on the countertop, with doors that sit nearly snug against the counter and have just enough clearance.

The framed type can be positioned anywhere between one and four inches up from the countertop. For a refined appearance, the cabinet is surrounded with a trim piece or frame.

Which is better? It comes down to personal preference and, in part, available space. If your ceiling is standard, you generally don't have a lot of space; therefore, you may choose to remove the frame. If not, go with whatever you believe would look best in your kitchen because you have plenty of space.


Another common option is to have drawers above the cabinet. They add plenty of storage and make a smart use of available space while functioning as a visual barrier between the countertop and the cabinets.

Although it might seem complicated to install a drawer directly on top of a counter, the design and functioning of the drawer make it as simple as installing any other drawer. Indeed, it is completely possible to do it yourself if you're handy.

To finish the design and increase the amount of storage in your kitchen, place a tall or medium-sized short cabinet on top of the drawer.

Full Height Kitchen

Any prejudices you may have against certain kitchen cabinet traditions are often dismantled by counter-mounted cabinets. Cabinets that reach the ceiling are a trend that goes well with countertop cabinets.

A lot of the time, the space between the ceiling and the cabinet tops is wasted. It looks attractive and improves the use of your space when you fill it with enclosed storage in the form of cabinets.

Are you concerned that you won't be able to reach the cabinets near the ceiling? Installing a small step ladder or keeping one close by makes it simple to access the top sections of your kitchen anytime you need to.

Countertop Pantry

If you want dynamic storage that makes your kitchen appear longer, think about installing a pantry cabinet above your countertop. These tall cabinets with a single door allow for inside customization while maintaining a minimalist outside design.

Shelves can be adjusted to any height to meet your needs, making them a wonderful option if you wish to store taller items. It's among the kitchen's most adaptable cabinets.

A tall, narrow cabinet can also visually amplify your space by creating the impression that it is larger than it actually is. They are a great addition if you aim to add some style to your ceiling, as they draw the eye upward.


An age-old dilemma is resolved when countertop cabinets are tucked into a corner: what to do with that uncomfortable and unused corner counter space. You know the one we're talking about. It's seldom accessible and usually ends up serving as the kitchen's catch-all.

You can finally make use of that corner space by placing cabinets on top of the counter. Consider which way you want the cabinets to open in order to maximize accessibility. Plan carefully, as this can affect how the kitchen functions as a whole


Prefabricated countertop cabinets may be available, but they can also be hard to come by and/or pricey when buying them in a configuration that is ready to install. Determining your own arrangement may be a better alternative. All you need is a little bit of preparation, measurement, and screw gun skill.

Opt for a wall cabinet for a more snug fit against the countertop. Alternatively, you might use a base cabinet if you prefer some space between the countertop and the cabinet. If you prefer a narrower distance between the counter and the cabinet, utilize the wall cabinet and construct a frame at the desired height. The base cabinet often includes a toe kick area of around four inches.

Countertop cabinets dramatically arrest the eye and greatly increase the amount of storage in your kitchen. Decide to go ahead and begin the planning process with one of our kitchen designers. You have nothing to lose, as your design is free and comes with no obligations.

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