Creating a Comprehensive Kitchen Look with Matching Countertops and Backsplashes

Planning a kitchen makeover? One exciting and crucial step is picking the right materials, especially for the work area. A trendy approach is using the same material for both countertops and backsplashes. This unified design gives your kitchen a stylish and harmonious feel, showcasing your taste.

At first sight, countertops and backsplashes have different roles, so their finishes might seem unrelated. However, today's options can handle both functions and look. Whether you want a sleek design or a bold statement, we have ideas for your countertops and walls to please even the pickiest decorators.

Consider this idea of having countertops and backsplashes in one material for a flawless color and texture match, elevating the upscale look of your kitchen and creating a standout focal point.

Now, let's explore how to make this happen in your kitchen.

Options for matching countertops and backsplashes

Wood, stone, tiles, and more - there are various ways to make this concept work. Your choice depends on your style, budget, and preference. For example, wood-like decor suits a Scandinavian-style kitchen, while terrazzo complements Mediterranean designs, and marble or light colors work for a classic look.

Different Stone Options

Each material has its unique qualities. For example, porcelain stoneware can handle hot items, acrylic allows for seamless designs and easy restoration, and quartz boasts a one-of-a-kind pattern on each sheet. We partner with brands like Cosentino, Neolith, Caesarstone and more.

If you need more than countertops and backsplashes - sinks, windowsills, cabinet facades, and more - we can help you create your dream interior. The only downside of stone is its relatively higher cost, but you'll get products that impress with their beauty and durability.

HPL - Fenix 

For a wallet-friendly alternative, explore HPL Fenix surfaces. These high-pressure laminate panels offer durability and style at an affordable price point. With a range of finishes available, they effortlessly complement any design scheme.

HPL Fenix panels boast exceptional resistance to moisture and everyday kitchen activities. Their robust construction ensures longevity and resilience compared to standard particleboard options.

Enjoy the convenience of easy installation, allowing you to effortlessly update your kitchen's aesthetic whenever desired. Transition from traditional wood-like surfaces to sleek industrial or minimalist designs with ease, thanks to the versatility of HPL Fenix.


For a premium and durable choice, consider Dekton surfaces. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, Dekton offers unparalleled strength and aesthetics. Its innovative composition makes it resistant to scratches, stains, and high temperatures, ideal for kitchen environments.

Dekton surfaces come in a variety of finishes and colors, ensuring seamless integration into any kitchen design. Whether you prefer a modern, sleek look or a more traditional aesthetic, Dekton provides versatility and sophistication.

Benefit from Dekton's superior durability, making it resistant to UV rays and extreme weather conditions, allowing for both indoor and outdoor applications. With minimal maintenance requirements, Dekton surfaces offer long-lasting beauty and performance, perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchens and countertops.


Dreaming of a chef-worthy kitchen? Stainless steel is an excellent choice, not only for countertops and backsplashes but also for equipment, appliances, and even furniture. Metal elements suit minimalist, high-tech, fusion, and industrial styles.

Choosing the Right Color

When both countertops and backsplashes share the same color, your choice becomes crucial. To make the workspace stand out, pick a bold color or pattern. But if you prefer a calm and coordinated look, go for pastel shades.

Darker colors may show dirt more, so consider your cleaning habits. Decor with patterns and textures can hide small stains or grease spots that happen during cooking. Wood-like finishes complement monochrome facades beautifully.

Cream and sandy tones work for many styles, including classic, Provence, and minimalism.


Matching countertops and backsplashes in your kitchen creates an elegant and unified look. Whether you choose stone, HPL, Dekton or metal, coordinating their color and texture is key. Design a kitchen that meets your needs and reflects your style with this trend.

June 2, 2024
6 min read
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