6 Life Hacks for Small Kitchens: How to Create a Cozy and Functional Space

The kitchen serves multiple purposes — it's where we prepare meals, enjoy moments of relaxation with a cup of tea after a hectic day, and gather with family for meaningful conversations. As such, it demands special attention to ergonomics. But how can we achieve this in a limited space of 60-80 square feet? Is it even possible to establish a cozy ambiance within such constraints?

Let's address this right away: with careful planning and the right choice of components, it's entirely achievable! Let's explore several recommendations to help you optimize your kitchen space effectively.

Innovative Layout

The foundation of any room's design begins with its layout. When space is at a premium, creativity becomes essential! Avoid cluttering the area; instead, play with the arrangement of elements. For instance, consider placing lower cabinets in a P-shaped configuration while aligning upper cabinets along a single wall. This arrangement lends an airy feel to the kitchen, with remaining walls available for mounting rails and open shelves.

Utilize Ceiling Height

Maximize storage by extending cabinets up to the ceiling. Not only do they offer more storage space, but they also lend a stylish touch to the kitchen. Additionally, their seamless design prevents dust buildup, adding to their practicality. Opt for solid-colored fronts—whether smooth or framed—for an elegant aesthetic.

Mixing different types of fronts, such as veneered and HPL panels, is also a popular choice. The contrast between distinct wood patterns and velvety matte surfaces adds visual interest. To create a sense of spaciousness, consider acrylic MDF panels with a matte finish or any light monochrome decor.

Handle-Free Design

Eliminating handles from kitchen furniture serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it saves valuable space that would otherwise be occupied by protruding hardware. Secondly, it contributes to a lighter, more streamlined design.

Implementing this recommendation is made easy with the Gola profile system. Offering various types of aluminum profiles, including vertical, horizontal, and those designed for upper modules, this hardware is not only easy to install but also practical to use.

Push-to-open mechanisms are also gaining popularity for their convenience—simply push to open the front, while sliding drawers require less space than hinged doors.

Efficient Interior Organization

Selecting the right interior fittings allows you to make the most of every inch of space. Key elements include:

- Magic corners for optimizing hard-to-reach corner spaces;

- Baskets with various mounting options and features like pull-outs;

- Cargo storage systems available in different sizes and configurations;

- Trash bins designed for both hinged and sliding fronts;

- Drying racks, trays, and more.

Additional Storage Solutions

Maximizing storage in a small kitchen requires creative solutions. Consider:

- Kickboard drawers for storing miscellaneous items;

- Magnetic shelves and holders for convenient organization;

- Hooks and holders mounted on cabinet doors;

- Bars installed in the cabinet under the sink for storing cleaning supplies;

- Square containers, trays, and jars to maximize storage capacity.

Rails and Shelves

Rails offer a versatile storage solution for cutlery, dishes, spice jars, and other small items. By mounting a metal rod along one or more walls, you can hang hooks, shelves, and paper holders for added functionality.

For small apartments, custom-made modular furniture tailored to individual requirements is the most practical solution.

Designing your future kitchen is a breeze — simply specify dimensions, select built-in equipment, configure sections, and choose materials and hardware within your budget. Craftsmen will then respond to your application, allowing you to select a furniture maker who will incorporate all your needs and the recommendations provided above into the final design.

At CORNER, we specialize in customized kitchen solutions tailored to your unique space and preferences. Contact us today to bring your dream kitchen to life!

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