10 Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Won't Go Out of Style After 2030

What are the current trends in kitchen cabinets?

Do you want a new addition to your kitchen? Something that will give a little flair without going out of style in a few years? Think about the cabinets in your kitchen. You might be surprised at how much they can help you accomplish a trendy design, even if they appear to be standard with nothing to offer in the way of fashionable trends.

What kind of kitchen cabinet trends are there? We appreciate you asking. These fifteen kitchen cabinet styles can help you see the possibilities.

Natural Woods

The kitchen is seeing a resurgence of lighter, natural wood finishes. Clean, unfinished wood is essential for flooring, cabinets, and furniture because of the hygge trend in Scandinavian design.

Unstained, most hardwoods suit this style well. Warmer hues and wood with a straight grain are particularly preferred. A popular and emerging style for kitchen cabinets is oak. Oak has been in decline for a while, but it is now resurfacing. Kitchen cabinets are a great fit for this timeless, light-colored wood.

Appliances that are Integrated

Have you ever seen kitchen models where the main appliances are concealed by cabinet doors? They are now at a trend level. The elite who request highly personalized cabinets are no longer the only ones who can purchase them. They are getting easier to reach.

Refrigerators with cabinet door fronts are available. Alternatively, you may just purchase cabinet doors and housing that precisely fit the dimensions of your equipment. And voilà! Your cabinets have an upscale appearance and are in style.

Creative Lighting

Recent developments in kitchen cabinetry have placed a strong focus on under-cabinet and occasionally top-of-cabinet lighting. Adding ambiance to your room may be achieved quickly with lighting. In the kitchen, a little work of illumination also makes a big difference.

To get the appearance, puck lights are simple to put on the underside of cabinets. Light bars mounted in cabinets are also useful additions. The top of the cabinets tells a whole other narrative because duties are not the main purpose of this form of lighting. Here is where you may let your imagination go wild: battery-powered lanterns, candles, or twinkling lights. Fun strip lights to use on top of cabinets are those that have customizable colors and settings.

Color Blocking

For a number of years, the practice of arranging color blocks in one section of the kitchen has been more popular. Have you ever seen a wall divided into geometric forms and painted a different color on each section? That's the subject of our conversation.

These days, color blocking is beginning to develop and take on new forms, such as kitchen cabinetry. Two distinct cabinet hues are being chosen by designers and paired together. For example, brighter hues on top and darker cabinetry underneath. For example, gray cabinets around the black cabinets on the island.


For a long time, kitchen "safe" color schemes have included wood, white, and gray. However, blue kitchen cabinet trends are slowly making their way into designers' hearts all throughout the world. Blue may either be a striking color that grabs attention or it can be a subdued hue that lets other colors shine through.

In response, manufacturers of kitchen cabinets are expanding their stock selection to include navy and occasionally paler blue hues.

Floor to ceiling.

The majority of kitchen designs have cabinets that end at least eighteen inches below the ceiling, with molding added to finish the effect. However, rather of letting that area go unutilized, a lot of designers are beginning to use it for storage.

Consider installing cabinets that reach the ceiling and the backsplash to make the most of the available space in your kitchen. Flat front cabinets work well for creating a floor-to-ceiling illusion. The additional cabinets mix in seamlessly with the streamlined design, giving the kitchen an air of spaciousness.

European Design

European design cabinets are smooth, uncomplicated, and clean; they are also referred to as frameless cabinets. To hide the frame underneath, the cabinet doors are edge-to-edge.

Once a custom-only cabinet, they are now more widely accessible due to the growing popularity of Scandinavian design. They come in a more conventional design, a Shaker style, or a flat panel.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is another popular feature in kitchen cabinets. To break up the monotony, provide visual interest, and open up your kitchen, think about using some glass doors or open shelves in place of a large bank of cabinets with doors.

Vignettes are another popular design style that melds seamlessly with the open-shelf trend. Little collections of items arranged on a table or shelf are called vignettes. These might be carefully chosen assortments, mementos of past travels, or even representations of some of your favorite things. Vignettes look best when they are displayed on an open shelf.

Drawers instead of Doors

For items like plates, the trend of using drawers rather than traditional cabinets has been growing for more than ten years. It is far more approachable, in the opinion of many, especially at the kitchen island. Drawers provide you with more customization options and facilitate the need-based organization of your storage area.


It's now simpler than ever to customize your kitchen, especially when it comes to cabinets. Customizing your cabinets doesn't have to cost extra money anymore. You may mix and match a variety of pre-made components into your kitchen in any way you choose.

Install vertical sliding drawers to make it simpler to reach your frequently used tools. A plate or wine rack gives your kitchen a personalized appearance and usefulness without the bespoke cost.

Knowing what's popular right now in kitchen cabinets will help you modify your design. Your kitchen will be fashionable both today and in the future. 

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