Fayth Flores's Estimate

The final cost could vary based on factors such as the choice of finishes and the selection of functionalities.

Berlin - Kitchen Details


L-shape kitchen


Small (90 sq. f.)


12 units


Doors flat panels


Dark oak wood veneer, glass panels in an aluminum profile


Push opening system




Not included


Achieve a premium aesthetic without overspending.


Lower cabinets


Upper cabinets


Basic Hardware, Muller

Unit Drawers, White, Muller Box profi line

Push to open system, Magnit, White, Muller

3 Drawers

Drawers is a great way to increase the functionality of your new kitchen.

3 Drawers, Muller Box profi line

Soft Close Doors & Drawers

We use drawer hinges and sliders from the best European brands.

Pull-Out Trash Cabinet

Pull-out trash cabinet, Muller

Shipping & Delivery

The price displayed only covers shipping and delivery. It does not include sales tax or kitchen installation.



Upgrade your space with our popular specification level and its premium options.


Lower cabinets


Upper cabinets


Premium Hardware, Hettich

Unit Drawers, AvanTech YOU A Hettich, Light Grey

Push to open system, Light Grey, Hettich

All base cabinets replaced with drawers

Drawers is a great way to increase the functionality of your new kitchen.

9 Drawers, AvanTech YOU A, Light Grey, Hettich

Lift-up doors

Lift-up cabinet doors provide easy access to upper cabinets.

Hettich Flap Lift Advanced HL

Soft Close Doors & Drawers

We use drawer hinges and sliders from the best European brands.

Under cabinet lighting

Illuminating the workspace below your cabinets improves visibility

Pull-Out Trash Cabinet

Pull-out trash cabinet, Muller

Shipping & Delivery

The price displayed only covers shipping and delivery. It does not include sales tax or kitchen installation.


Labor cost | Philadelphia

What's included

- Demolition of existent kitchen,
- Area preparation and protection of household areas
- Electrical Wiring
- Electrical Finishes Installation
- Plumbing finishes installation
- Flooring Installation kitchen area
- Paint
- Trims and moldings
- Drywall repairs
- Cabinet installation
- Appliances installation
- Gas/Electric/Water line relocation



Counertop & Backsplash

Brand: Neolith



2 design variations

We're excited to share with you a few AI-generated renders that give you an idea of how a Berlin kitchen could look in your apartment. While the renders are of low quality, they can still give you an initial impression. Please keep in mind that some elements may not be entirely accurate due to the limitations of the AI technology.
Dark oak wood veneer
Glass 'Imagine Raiwall' panels in an aluminum profile
Magnetic Push Latches
LED Undercabinet lightning


For a deeper dive, feel free to peruse our full-fledged PDF catalog. It's chock-full of information and inspiration!

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Ordering your countertop -
2 weeks

If you did not order your countertop with the kitchen, the final measurements will be taken after the rest of the kitchen has been installed to ensure accurate fitting. Depending on the type of countertop, delivery may take up to 2 weeks.

The kitchen cabinets are well-made and add a stylish touch to my kitchen. The doors and drawers are sturdy and shut securely, and the hardware is both functional and attractive. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend these cabinets to anyone looking for high-quality, affordable kitchen storage solutions.

Beverly Clarida
New York, NY
Dark wood kitchen with all open upper cabinets

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Clean-lined, high quality and truly sustainable designs that don’t cost the earth

Low quality products made from artificial materials

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Award-winning hardware from the best European brands

Limited functionality and usability

Upfront and fixed pricing

The final cost is opaque and unpredictable

Sustainable materials and energy-conserving build systems

Using materials optimized for profit, not environmental impact

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This is a collection of commonly asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed, please contact hello@cornerrenovation.com

What is the payment schedule?

It is important to have a clear understanding of the payment process and the terms and conditions of payment before making any payments. Here are the 3 steps of our payment process:

1. Initial Design Deposit: The initial design deposit of $199 is required to initiate the design process and is fully redeemable towards the cost of the kitchen.

2. Design Fee: You may be required to pay a design fee to cover the cost of creating a detailed design plan for your kitchen cabinets. This fee is typically due once you have approved the initial design concepts.

3. Materials Payment: Once you have approved the final materials selection, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the approved materials, including shipping and taxes. You will be required to make a full payment for the materials at this stage.

Labor and installation costs will be invoiced by your contractor and you will pay them directly.

Are measurements and installation included in the offer?

Measuring your kitchen space may seem like a daunting task, but don't worry, it's actually quite simple! And we're here to help. We'll provide you with easy-to-follow tips to make sure you get accurate measurements.

If you're still feeling unsure, we recommend reaching out to one of our trusted installers for assistance. They'll be more than happy to help you measure your space and make sure everything is perfect.

At Corner, we understand that getting your cabinets and accessories installed can seem like a daunting task. Don't worry, we've got you covered! We provide a step-by-step installation guide that you or your contractor can use. And if you're having trouble finding a contractor, we'd be happy to recommend some trusted professionals to help you out.

What is the perfect-fit guarantee?

We want to make sure your new kitchen is perfect before it even arrives, that's why we take the time to install it before we deliver it to you. This way, we can ensure that there are no installation issues and you can enjoy your new kitchen without any hiccups. It's just one of the many ways we strive to provide you with the best possible service.

What kind of protection can you expect with our 5-Year Manufacturing Warranty?

We've got your back when it comes to any issues arising from manufacturing defects.

We understand that investing in a new kitchen is a big decision, and we want to make sure you feel confident in your purchase. That's why our kitchens are built to last and made with the same high-quality materials and hardware as other premium brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

We put our products through rigorous testing to ensure they meet our standards, so you can feel good knowing that your new kitchen is built to last.

Is shipping included?

If your order is over $15,000, we'll be happy to offer free shipping within the United States.

However, orders under this threshold will have a $1,500 fee for processing and shipping to help cover our expenses. We're working on ways to improve our processes so we can hopefully remove this fee in the future.

How long does shipping take?

Our cabinets are made-to-order and shipped from Ukraine so we advise 2-4 weeks for manufacturing depending on the time of year and an additional 6-8 weeks for shipping. East coast orders are likely to be closer to 6 weeks shipping and west coast orders are likely to be 8+ weeks shipping.

Do you offer cabinetry for other rooms?

Yes! We specialize in kitchens, but we can also supply cabinets for your bathroom, closet and living room. This is currently only an option for clients who are doing their kitchens with us and have paid the project deposit.

If you are interested in adding additional rooms, please meet with your designer to review requirements and options. If significant design work is needed, there may be a small redeemable deposit required.

How can Corner offer better value?

We work directly with one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the world and don't have to pay expensive showroom overheads. This allows us to offer a made-to-order product with advanced customization options at a price comparable to big box retailers. We use the same award-winning components as other premium European manufacturers whose cabinets are 2X+ the price.