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7 weeks
Oscar Becker
David Mo
Project manager
"I always felt like my kitchen was not something I’d love, and I wanted to renovate this place for three years already. Finally, I decided to start the process - I wanted to have a bright, light, open kitchen and make it more functional."
Kristie's Tuxedo Kitchen
Why did you decide to renovate the kitchen?
– "Previous homeowners had renovated the kitchen, and although it didn’t look terrible on the surface, there were significant issues. I loved to cook, but I always felt I needed more convenience - I needed more space, and a structured approach as sometimes cooking was a mess for me. That’s why I started checking the possibilities of the small kitchen renovation. And here are the things I wanted to change: the cupboards were falling apart, the electrical was frightening and hanging out of the wall in some spots. My kitchen felt dark, outdated, and cramped, plus the vertical space wasn’t utilized to its full potential. I needed to have more space for the fridge and update cabinetry - it seemed to be old and not working very well recently. And again - I wanted to have a new and fully functional kitchen to satisfy my needs."

Kristie Burk

Build phase

The contractors started from the beginning, removed all the furniture, refreshed our paint on the walls, and updated the flooring (it seemed to be very old for me). So, first thing first - they changed my floor and walls, and I felt totally refreshed after this small change. When it was done, they started to install new appliances and cabinets already because I decided I didn't need to change the concept of my kitchen - I just needed to renovate it so it'll look better. At this stage, the designer helped me create the functional project - everything was done according to my needs during cooking, which helped me adapt after the renovation. They changed my sink a lot, so now it is less space-consuming but still working even better than it was with my big one. My cabinets are more easy-to-use now, as some magnet mechanisms help me close them faster without hurting the panels. The best part is that we changed some appliances' layout - now it is more comfortable to use it: the dishwasher is near the shelf with the dishes, the trash bin is near my sink, and I have sorting containers. That was everything I needed.

What do you think about your new kitchen?

– "Now my kitchen looks very fresh and modern. Moreover, it is very functional and easy-to-use, I feel inspired every time I spend time in my new kitchen. When designing a tiny space, I realize one thing is to keep the design simple and streamlined. To make it seem bigger - simplicity is best. That’s why my kitchen has white cabinets, counters, and tile. Also, it was great for me to add interest with the hardware and accessories such as flowers and fruits. It feels so much more significant with its simple, light, and neutral palette - and I feel much more comfortable working in the kitchen like that. Now my dreams have come true - I’ve got the kitchen I wanted to have, and I feel happy while cooking."

Kristie Burk
Get the look
Kristie Burk
"The process went very smoothly, and I felt I had the freedom to implement my wishes and dreams - it felt very comfortable for me while working with the renovation platform. My husband and I are completely blown away, and we can’t believe that we actually get to cook in this kitchen. I feel so much inspiration now that I am ready to go and cook something in my perfect new kitchen.”
Renovation time
7 weeks
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