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Guaranteed lowest price for materials
  • Smart storage solutions
  • Charging Tray solutions
  • Recycling Bins
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Choose the best recycling bin that makes easy work of sorting your rubbish prior to disposal.
Recycling Bins
Pull down shelves for easy access storage. High shelves are no longer high on your list of kitchen problems thanks to this really practical storage solution.
Smart storage solutions
This neat storage solution keeps your devices out of sight but never out of battery.
USB Charging Tray
  • Free samples of the materials
  • GUCCI quality, IKEA price
  • 250 cabinet designs in the CORNER library
  • Hands-off procurement
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Our catalog contains more than 250 kitchen cabinet designs, with a single upfront price based on the configuration of your kitchen. Whether it’s a classic kitchen or a high-end, we provide you with the highest quality products available from brands you know and trust.
250 cabinet designs in the CORNER library
After you choose your design, our dedicated procurement team orders cabinet door samples for you.
Free samples of the materials
Our base materials are pre-negotiated with leading manufacturers to pass industry discounts directly to you. This means higher quality materials at more affordable costs.
GUCCI quality, IKEA price
Hands-off procurement
Once your design is approved, we’ll start ordering your materials. We carefully inspect materials upon arrival to ensure nothing was damaged. Our team schedules deliveries directly with your contractor - no need to be on-site to receive!
Whether you love the sleek contemporary design or prefer to keep it timelessly traditional, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you create the perfect kitchen space. Discover your favourite kitchen units today.
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Your Dedicated designer will share ideas, answer any questions and start creating a 3D render of your design. After your consultation, you’ll receive a 3D design of your new kitchen and samples of your chosen cabinets.
Dedicated designer
You will work with your Corner designer to make selections, customizations, and envision your space in 3D
Custom 3D design render
We’ll prepare two initial design concepts for your project, to review during your Design Session with your Corner designer. You’ll have up to two revisions per kitchen to iron out your design.
2 revisions
  • Project Dashboard
  • Milestone Notifications
  • 24/7 CORNER Support
  • Easy Payment Process
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If you run into any problems during your build, our team will be right there to get your project back on track. With Corner, you can rest assured that there will always be someone there to help.
24/7 Corner support
Your dashboard provides you with a single place to manage your entire project. Easily review your designs, make payments, get build updates, and more.
Project Dashboard
Every time a milestone is hit, you’ll be notified through your dashboard and get pictures from the renovation site so that you can track your project’s progress.
Milestone notifications
Easy payment process
Our flexible payment options and our online payment portal give you an intuitive way to finance your renovation. You can finance with rates as low as 0% APR.
  • 7% Acceptance Rate
  • Matching Algorithm
  • Corner Build Standards
  • Progress Tracking Software
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We worked hard to ensure that our contractors are experts on the materials we work with and the designs that we create. With Corner, going from design to reality is seamless.
Corner Build Standards
Corner works with a network of local contractors that are licensed and meet our quality standards. Each contractor in our elite network is selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants and goes through a rigorous vetting process with a 7% acceptance rate. Our vetting process includes an interview process, background checks, and reference calls.
7% acceptance rate
Every project has its own fingerprint based on all the variables that go into it. We take those considerations and match you with a builder based on the unique needs and conditions of the project.
Matching Algorithm
Progress Tracking Software
You will be equipped with our best-in-class software that allows you to track progress, receive updates, and access all your renovation information in one place.
  • Dedicated Project Planner
  • Building Approvals Guidance
  • Procurement Support
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Your dedicated procurement team will order, inspect, and coordinate the delivery of your materials with your GC. Our team will order cabinet door samples, paint swatches, or other samples of materials for you.
Guidance Procurement Support
Our project planners are our resident renovation experts. They’ll work with you to set up your project, and teach you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of renovating.
Dedicated Project Planner
It can be hard to find your way in the world of approvals guidelines and permitting forms. But don’t worry, we have a Permitting & Approvals squad fluent in permit-speak dedicated to guiding you through the process.
Building Approvals Guidance
Check out our past projects
"I always felt like my kitchen was not something I’d love, and I wanted to renovate this place for three years already. Finally, I decided to start the process - I wanted to have a bright, light, open kitchen and make it more functional."
Kristie's Tuxedo Kitchen
“Just because your kitchen is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be dreamy! Nina dreamt about bright, light, open kitchen with increased function and storage capacity.”
Nina's Tiny kitchen
Let’s Set Up Your Kitchen Renovation
Select kitchen model
5 minutes
The first step to lock in your project and kickstart the process is to place a fully refundable $50 deposit.
Reserve Your Spot
1 minute
After placing the deposit, your Dedicated Project Planner will schedule your first video visit to discuss your renovation goals.
Project Kick-off
1 minute
We’ll get in your space to take measurements, verify the conditions and ensure your scope covers it all.
Site Survey
2 weeks
After we measure your space, you will work with your Corner designer to make selections, customizations, and envision your space in 3D.
Design Session
2-3 weeks
Our architect will provide the documentation, and you’ll submit it to your building. We’ll help with the back and forth.
Permitting & Approvals
3-4 weeks
Once approved, we’ll start ordering your materials! Your dedicated procurement team deliveries directly with your contractor - no need to be on-site to receive!
3-4 weeks
From here, your Certified Contractor will create a day-by-day work plan to nail every last detail with milestone updates from demolition to the final punch list.
3-4 weeks
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